# Headless Wasabi Daemon

The default of how to interact with your Wasabi wallet is the graphical user interface. There is also a headless daemon where you do not run a resource intensive GUI, but only the command line interface. This daemon is especially useful for power users mixing bitcoin in the backend of their servers.

To start the daemon, in the command line type:

./wassabee mix --wallet:MyWalletName --mixall --keepalive --loglevel:info

./wassabee command starts Wasabi wallet. mix makes sure it starts in daemon and not the GUI. --wallet: specifies which of your hot wallets you want to mix. --mixall will mix each coin in the wallet at least once and until the anonymity set target is reached. --keepalive will keep the daemon running after all coins are mixed, and continue mixing as soon as new coins are send to the wallet. --loglevel: specifies the verbosity of the logs. --help shows the manpage.