# Headless Wasabi Daemon

The default of how to interact with your Wasabi wallet is the graphical user interface. There is also a headless daemon where you do not run a resource-intensive GUI, but only the command line interface. This daemon is especially useful for power users mixing bitcoin in the backend of their servers.

# Available Commands

wassabee or wassabeed starts Wasabi wallet when the package is installed.

mix makes sure Wasabi starts in daemon and not the GUI.

--wallet: specifies the name of the hot wallet with the coins you want to CoinJoin.

--destination: specifies the destination wallet that the mixed coins will be coinjoined into, after the target anonymity set is reached. A coin will be coinjoined into the first wallet until anonymity set target is reached, then there will be one additional CoinJoin into the destination wallet.

--keepalive keeps the daemon running after all coins have reached the anonymity set target, and continue to CoinJoin when new coins are received into the wallet. This flag is needed if the daemon should mix into the destination wallet.

--help displays help page and exit.

# Usage

# If the package is installed

Depending on your operation system, open the command line and execute:

# Linux

wassabee mix --wallet:MyFirstWallet --destination:MySecondWallet --keepalive

# macOS

cd /Applications/Wasabi\ Wallet.app/Contents/MacOs
./wassabee mix --wallet:MyFirstWallet --destination:MySecondWallet --keepalive

# Windows

cd C:\Program Files\WasabiWallet
wassabeed.exe mix --wallet:MyFirstWallet --destination:MySecondWallet --keepalive

# If building from source code

Open the terminal, navigate to the WalletWasabi.Fluent.Desktop folder inside the cloned repository and execute:

dotnet run -- mix --wallet:MyFirstWallet --destination:MySecondWallet --keepalive
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