# Why Wasabi

This is the place with an introduction to privacy in general, and why especially financial privacy is so important. Here is covered how Bitcoin is already good for privacy, much better than the incumbent monetary system. And why Wasabi can make Bitcoin an even better tool of self defense by default.

# Chapters

# Gaining privacy with Wasabi Wallet for Bitcoin transactions

# The perceived problem

Bitcoin transactions are somewhat traceable and this creates the need for a wallet that specializes in privacy.

"What kind of privacy? I'm not sure if I need that."

When we make traditional financial transactions (Banks, PayPal, etc.), no one but the service provider is able to track our spending habits or account balances.

# Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi Wallet is an open source, non-custodial, privacy-focused, desktop Bitcoin wallet offered by zkSNACKs Ltd. It differentiates itself from many other wallets for its strong focus on user privacy.

Wasabi's goal is to not only provide the traditional privacy of our banks but to go even further and guarantee privacy against Wasabi itself. So not even the service provider (zkSNACKs) will be able to track your money.

# The vision for a better Bitcoin

The motivation behind Wasabi is to provide the strongest privacy for its users that is technically possible today.

# Technology behind Wasabi