Password Finder

Wasabi Password Finder is a tool for helping those who made a mistake typing the password during the wallet creation process. This tool tries to find the password that decrypts the encrypted secret key stored in a given wallet file.


Wasabi Wallet protects the encrypted secret key with the same technology used to protect paper wallets (BIP 38open in new window) and for that reason, it is computationally infeasible to brute force the password using all the possible combinations (assuming a secure password was chosen).


It is important to know that the Wasabi Password Finder is not for breaking wallet passwords but for finding errors (typos) in an already known password, and that it's success rate is limited.


After an incorrect password is entered when opening a wallet, Forgot Password will show up.

Wasabi Wallet Forgot Password

First you will be asked questions, like your most likely password, which language, which characters it contains etc. After that it will search if your password can be found.