Contribution Game

We are happy to announce an experiment, called: The Wasabi Contribution Game, where we will be distributing 1 BTC among contributors of this repository in proportion to their contributions.

Update (2019-07-25)

The Resolution Of The First Wasabi Contribution Game

Update (2019-07-08)

In PR link nopara73 implemented @NicolasDorier's changes, so 17+217=234 points added to Nicolas's score.

Update (2019-06-28)

PR link moved around large files. 49+154+50 lines have been removed and added, so 506 lines will come down from @jmacato's score.

Update (2019-06-28)

  • The originally posted links on additions and deletions do not work, due to a GitHub bug. It seems like the timeframe specified is lagging behind 5 days, so it may appear that nobody contributed, yet it is 28 already and there were many contributions, so the adjusted links are:
  • For additions: link
  • For deletions: link
  • nopara73 is disqualified from this game.


  • Checking the current status of the game: additions and deletions
  • The game starts at 2019-06-25 and ends at 2019-07-25.
  • Anyone can participate.
  • Number of commits DO NOT count.
  • The sum of additions and deletions DO count.
  • Only merged pull requests count.
  • Merges of the maintainer (nopara73) may skew the results. We will investigate this and if we find this to be the case, the maintainer's merges will either be discounted or the maintainer will be disqualified.
  • If someone is found intentionally manipulating the results, she or he will be disqualified. We do not plan to actively look for reasons to disqualify anyone, we would like to trust in the honesty of all contributors.
  • Keep checking your GitHub bells, because at the end of the game we will open an issue, in that tagging all the contributors, describing where they should send their BTC addresses for the payouts.