# Contribution Game

For some occasions there is a Wasabi contribution game, where the zkSNACKs company is distributing a bounty among contributors to the Wasabi Wallet repository (opens new window) in proportion to their contributions.

Wasabi Wallet Contribution Game

# Contribution game of July 2019

The first contribution game took place between 25th June and the 25th July of 2019. Anyone could have participated and the metric of success was the numbers of lines added and removed to the code base in pull requests that were ultimately merged. The total bounty was 1 bitcoin, which ended up being distributed to 15 contributors, see the full results here (opens new window). There were special bonuses for critical bugs discovered, as well as for the creation of this documentation repository. Over all, this was a great success, as several new peers started to contribute to Wasabi, specifically @yahiheb (opens new window) and @JMacato (opens new window) who stuck around for the long term.

# Monthly contribution game for the documentation

Having a well-educated user base is essential for any complex software such as Wasabi. In order to create and maintain this top notch documentation, there is an ongoing contribution game for any supporter of this archive of knowledge. The metric of success is a combination of number of pull requests, lines added and removed, as well as review of the changes. The bounty of 1000 US Dollars worth of bitcoin is paid out every month on the 25th. The depth, quality and continuous maintenance of this documentation is a proof of the success of this contribution game!

The documentation contribution game got replaced by the education contribution game in June 2020.

# Review contribution game

# v1.1.10

After the release of v1.1.9.2 a monumental amount of work has gone into Wasabi, introducing many new features, upgrading dependencies and fixing many bugs. In order to ensure rigorous peer review of such a complex change, two methods were introduced for the first time. The publishing of a release candidate packages (opens new window) for all operating systems, so that testers don't need to compile the software from source. This enabled many more reviewers to check out the latest additions to the software so to test for bugs and instabilities. Also there was a contribution game (opens new window) where any reviewer who provided a thorough report and notified the developers of bugs was eligible for a bounty of in total 0.3 bitcoin.

The total bounty ended up being distributed to 6 reviewers, see the full results here (opens new window).

# v1.1.11

After more than three months of work since the previous major release of v1.1.10, there was yet another contribution game to review the release candidates v1.1.11rc1 (opens new window), v1.1.11rc2 (opens new window). There were detailed test vectors (opens new window) to ensure that all the new additions were thoroughly covered in the review. This contribution game had a total bounty of 0.3 bitcoin, sponsored by zkSNACKs.

The total bounty ended up being distributed to 6 reviewers, see the full results here (opens new window).

# v1.1.12

This version is already compatible with the v4 coordinator protocol. Thus, it is extraordinarily important that the release is thoroughly tested to ensure a smooth hardfork without major bugs. The test vectors (opens new window) for the release candidate (opens new window) guide the testers what to focus on in their review. This contribution game had a total bounty of 0.5 bitcoin, sponsored by zkSNACKs.

The bounty ended up being distributed to 13 reviewers, see the full results here (opens new window).

# Art contribution game

In order to find beautiful backgrounds and design for Wasabi t-shirts, hoodies and stickers, there was a contribution game for artists (opens new window). The subject was about privacy in general, Bitcoin and Wasabi specifically. There was a total bounty of 0.1 bitcoin.

The bounty ended up being distributed to 3 artists, see the full results and designs here (opens new window).

# Education contribution game

Education is a vitally important aspect of Bitcoin privacy in general and Wasabi specifically. This contribution game was started in June 2020 to reward those who help out their peers in learning on how to use these tools properly. It includes work on the documentation, the creation of videos and podcasts, and direct peer support in the communication channels. The monthly budget is 1500 USD, paid out in bitcoin and kindly sponsored by zkSNACKs.

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