# Lock Screen

The Lock Screen feature allows you to lock your Wasabi Wallet from being viewed or used while it is running, and then unlock it at any time with a user-specified PIN.

No strong encryption

This feature only locks the GUI, it does not encrypt your public keys. An attacker can circumvent the locked screen. Do not treat this feature as a strong, fail-safe lock on your wallet.

# How to set the Lock Screen feature

In the Settings tab, go to the Lock Screen section.

Wasabi Wallet Lock Screen feature

Choose and enter a numerical PIN up to 10 digits in length in the PIN box, and click on Set.

# How to lock your screen

You can now lock your screen in two ways:

  1. Hit Ctrl-L on your keyboard.
  2. On the top left menu bar, click on File, then Lock Screen.

Lock Screen in Wasabi Wallet

Now the GUI is locked until the correct PIN is entered in the box.

Wasabi Wallet Locked with PIN

# How to clear your Lock Screen PIN

If you wish to delete or change your PIN:

  1. In the Settings tab, go to the Lock Screen section.
  2. Enter your PIN in the PIN box, and click Clear.
  3. If a new PIN is desired, enter it in the PIN box and click Set, otherwise the Lock Screen feature is now disabled.

# If you forget your PIN

If you have forgotten your PIN, you can delete it with these steps. Notice that an attacker can do the same to circumvent the screen lock without knowing the PIN.

  1. Shut down Wasabi Wallet.
  2. Open your UIConfig.json file using a text editor. This file can be found in Wasabi's Data Folder.
  3. Find LockScreenPinHash at the bottom of this file, and delete the string of characters that are between the two quotation marks.

Wasabi Wallet Lock Screen PIN Hash

Delete Lock Screen PIN Hash in Wasabi Wallet

  1. Save your changes to this file, and re-start Wasabi.

The Lock Screen function should now be disabled, and you can create a new PIN if desired.